The Mayan Language Acquisition Laboratory

Clifton Pye

      The Mayan Language Acquisition Laboratory provides facilities for documenting the acquisition of Mayan languages. The laboratory processes audio and video recordings of children acquiring the Mayan languages Ch’ol, K’iche’, Mam and Q’anjob’al with support from the National Science Foundation (BCS-0613120 and BCS-0515120). The Laboratory uses the Qanform software suite to produce transcriptions that conform to the Minimal Coding standard (Pye 2001). A uniform transcription protocol insures that transcriptions for all the languages have a standard format. Transcripts are available online at the Adquisición de Lenguas Mayas (ALMA) webpage.


Documenting Mayan Language Acquisition

Minimal Coding

PAL Computer Programs for the analysis of language

Adquisición de Lenguas Mayas (ALMA)

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