The Pye Analysis of Language Page

by Clifton Pye

This page provides information and programs for the Pye Analysis of Language. These are a set of computer programs for the analysis of language transcripts. The programs are written in Spitbol and will run on any pc in the dos mode (sorry, a mac version is not available). PAL contains three sets of programs. The first program, Formix, provides a means of changing a transcription format and merging analysis files. Phonix provides a means of analyzing the phonological segments for a single speaker. Syntax provides routines for calculating the mean length of an utterance in morphemes and compiling a concordance for each word in the transcript. The manual provides an explanation for each routine and instructions on using them. I am no longer revising these programs so users are hereby warned that I cannot offer technical assistance.

Click one of the following lines to download the PAL documentation and programs: file

The PAL manual



A Phonetic Dictionary (not necessary, but handy for phonological analyses)


PAL © 1985 Clifton Pye

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