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This page posts discussions about the use of the comparative method in linguistic analysis that began in my book The Comparative Method of Language Acquisition Research (Chicago University Press 2017). The comparative method of linguistic analysis applies the comparative method of historical linguistics to the other branches of linguistics. The comparative method provides a systematic way to compare acquisition data from multiple languages.


The Saussurian Paradox

Nov. 5, 2017


The Unit of Comparison Problem

Nov. 19, 2017


A Comparative Challenge: The Germanic Plural

Nov. 25, 2017


Language Sampling

Jan. 9, 2018


What is a Pronoun?

Jan. 21, 2018


The Acquisition of Meaning

Mar. 2, 2018


Language Bias

Mar. 13, 2018



Mar. 19, 2018


Brisk Walking

July 4, 2018










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