LING 177

Dialect Study

Due: December 15th

For this study you will design a dialect survey with other students in the class. You will need to decide on the linguistic features to study, and develop a method to study how different speakers produce these features. You will need to elicit the progressive verb suffix -ing to use as a measure of social class. You will also need to test how the factors of gender, geographic region and social class impact the production of the linguistic features that you decide to study.

This will be a group project so you will have to coordinate your study with other students in the class. Each student will be responsible for eliciting data from five or more individuals. You will then need to pool your data with data collected by other students.

You will need to turn in a 7-page write up that describes how you tested the impact of gender, geographic region and social class on the linguistic features that you tested. Don’t forget to describe any individual results that differ from the group norms.

Your paper should include the following sections:





The hypotheses that you tested: social status, geography, gender






a. List the linguistic items you used and your predictions for each item



b. Describe the people you surveyed and how you contacted them



c. Describe the procedure you used to elicit the responses






a. Describe how you tested the effect of the social variables



b. Discuss the responses that support and don’t support the hypothesis



c. Discuss any items that produced problematic responses