Standard American English pronunciation

1. What was the origin of the American English dialects?

2. How did emmigrants from Europe and Africa acquire American English?

3. What did Native Americans contribute to American English?

4. How did westward expansion spread American English dialects?

5. What is a spelling pronunciation?

6. How did schools affect American English?

7. How did American standards become linked to the American social hierarchy?

8. How did population movements in the twentieth century affect American English?

9. What effect do national news broadcasters have on American English?

10. Why do suburban developments promote weaker social ties?

11. How does KU suppress marked regional and social characteristics?

12. How does the article define “General American English” ?

13. Does “General American English” exist?

14. How is Standard American English best characterized?

15. Which regional dialect features do you suppress in your speech?

16. Does Standard American English reflect the culture of the United States?

17. What regional phonological patterns are discussed in the article?

18. What phonological patterns do you have?