. Why Toy Horses Are not only Horse Toys Anymore

pony cycle - Within 1950, the very first toy horses were introduced in the usa. Since that time, these toys have grew even larger in popularity. On the way, toy horses became not just a horse toy. They became a popular hobby which includes horse painting, photographing, prop and tack making, exhibiting and collecting valuable model horses.

zippy pets - Breyer capitalized about the growing collector hobby by introducing an interest magazine within the 1970's. They launched the initial exclusive edition artist resins model horses in the 1980's. Through the 1990's, the collectors hobby blossomed and continues to be very popular today. Exclusive edition artist resins are freed using restricted editions of some hundred pieces, or in some cases only 50 pieces. These pieces usually sell out quickly. After these toy horses can be bought out, they increase significantly in value inside the collector's market.

By 1996, Breyer toy horses weren't any longer the sole game in town. Stone horses were introduced with horses just like detailed, some would argue more in depth, than Breyer. While Breyer caters to the huge toy market as well as the collector's market, Stone focuses read more about exclusive edition collectibles. Other brands also entered the marketplace including Hagen-Renaker Horses. Today, Schleich and Safari also provide detailed, hand-painted model horses. However, Schleich and Safari will be more popular as toys instead of collectibles, perhaps as a result of smaller size their 1:24 scale horses when compared to the larger 1:9 scale for Breyer and Stone horses. Despite every one of the competitors, Breyer still dominates this market both for toy horses and collectibles.

zippy pets - We was initially introduced to the concept of model horse toys in 2007 once we added the Breyer products to the store. Because we already carried a lot of other toys, we assumed these could be merely another toy category. I was surprised this past year when Breyer gave us a gift of some special edition artist resins using a suggested expense of $300 each. We thought they might never sell but i was wrong. Our customers were desperate to pay that price because they were no longer merely another horse toy to them. These toy horses procured on the totally new value as rare collectibles.

What began being a horse toy has changed into a full-blown hobby with a large number of devoted hobbyists all over the world.

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